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You And I Fan Video♥ 

She Looks So Perfect


¡Happy Birthday Hazza! ♥ 

Midnight Memories ♥ Hahaha 

Happy Birthday 21 Zayn ♥

Dj Malik (:

Baby. I love youu ♥

"I saw it as my chance to sort of re imagine or recreate the iconic male love interest that we’ve seen. I think for a long time we’ve seen the butch, very over masculine, kind of, inaccessible, heartthrob and I saw Jace as more of a rock star. And he’s damaged and confused and conflicted. And that’s what I love about him, I love the fact that he’s half an angel, but ultimately his flaws are what make him human. And you just want to give him a cuddle and a cup of tea." [x]

AMAS! ♥ 1D is the winner! xx